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     SIA „Rumba Tours” Ltd. is a JSC "Liepājas autobusu parks" subsidiary enterprise that offers buses and minibuses for rent, as well as provides non-scheduled passenger and tourist transportation, offering buses with different levels of comfort according to the clients’ needs. SIA „Rumba Tours” Ltd. works in cooperation with enterprises and organizations, individual persons, as well as with companies providing tourism services in Latvia and abroad.

Bus rent offers


Mercedes Benz Tourismo

Year: 2013
No. of seats:  49
Fuel consumption: 28L/100km
Equipment: reclining and extending seats, WC, mini-kitchen, coffee machine, barbeque, TV, 2 monitors, microphone, WI-FI.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter

Year:  2013
No. of seats: 19
Fuel consumption: 13L/100km
Equipment: air conditioning, electric doors, electronic display


Year: 2010
No. of seats: 16
Fuel consumption: 16L/100km
Equipment: soft seats, air conditioning, microphone 

Volvo B12

Year:  1998
No. of seats: 49
Fuel consumption:  32L/ 100km
Equipment: soft seats, air conditioning, microphone

Transportation during night-time

2014. year 08. January

     On 1 January 2014 SIA „RUMBA TOURS” Ltd. has entered into a „Service agreement” with the JSC „Liepājas autobusu parks” on transportation of employees, i.e. at night, from 00:00 a.m. until 07:00 a.m., a minibus IVECO IRISBUS DAILY shall drive the JSC „LAP” employees working during night shifts and bus drivers home / to work .

Managing the Liepaja Bus Station building

2014. year 08. January

     On 1 January 2014 SIA „RUMBA TOURS” Ltd. has entered into a Lease Agreement with the State Joint-Stock Company „Latvijas dzelzceļš” on managing the Liepaja Bus Station premises.

New home page created

     At the end of 2013 we started active work on the development of our home page that will allow us to inform our potential and current clients about the services we offer and our news more effectively. We have also created our company accounts in social networks.

New minibuses purchased

     In June 2013 we have purchased 10 "Mercedes Benz Sprinter 513" minibuses from SIA „Domenikss” Ltd, and in November 2013 we have purchased 8 more "Mercedes Benz Sprinter 513" minibuses. The new minibuses will be rented out to the JSC "Liepājas autobusu parks" in order to provide high quality services and to improve the comfort level for the passengers on the minibuses going to / from Jūrmala. These minibuses have a low level of CO2 emission and are equipped with air conditioning, electric doors and an electronic display, thus providing better comfort for the passengers, as well as they are offered 19 seats, 3 standing rooms and non-misting windows inside. 

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