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     Our enterprise provides non-scheduled passenger transportation by buses and minibuses in Latvia, Europe and CIS, offering buses with different numbers of seats, service and comfort levels according to the clients’ demands. Our services are popular among individual persons, schools, university colleges, tourism agencies and different Latvian and foreign companies and organizations. 
We can offer you our services whenever you need passenger transport for any event:
  • For trips within Latvia, trips to the Baltic States, Europe and CIS;
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel, transfers to different cities; 
  • We offer you new tourist class buses for your business trips;
  • Transport for school trips;
  • Recreational trips: transport for weddings, parties, sports events and other events, whenever you need passenger transport. 
International non-scheduled passenger transportation (to the Baltic States, Nordic countries, Europe, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, etc.) by buses and minibuses.
Non-scheduled passenger transportation by buses and minibuses within Latvia. 

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